Reactive Dye manufacturer, Supplier of reactive dyes in Ahmedabad, Dealers for reactive dyes in India

Pink Rose Pigments specializes in manufacturing a versatile range of reactive dyes that are ideal for dyeing textiles like cotton and viscose. Our reactive dye is suitable for many various applications. As a leading reactive dyes supplier and exporter, we at Pink Rose Pigments deploy latest and high-end technologies to produce a range of premium-grade dyes that conforms to the international industry standards. Since our reactive dyes are formulated with the most excellent quality raw materials leveraging our high-end infrastructure. We are leading reactive dyes manufacturer in India owing to our efforts for innovation and attaining customer satisfaction. These are also called as ‘COLD BRAND DYES’. Reactive dye has very good reactivity and fastness properties. Reactive dyes require milder alkaline conditions for applications and fixation at the optimum temperature.

Hot Dyes / Hot Named Dyes

The offered reactive dye is excellent under strong alkaline conditions and high temperature and therefore has been widely used for printing cotton and viscose. This hot dye is made using the top grade raw material and hence pursues excellent fastness properties to light, wash as well as perspiration.

‘M’ Series Dyes / Cold Brand Dyes

The offered cold brand reactive dyes are specifically being used in the medium alkaline conditions and under 25 ° C to 35 ° C temperature. These M Series dyes have impressive reactivity fastness properties, making it popular among the textile industries.

‘HE’ Series Dyes / Sun active Dyes

The offered Sun Active Dyes are one of the best series ideal for the dyeing cellulosic material, which is also being widely used to achieve the mixed brighter color shade combinations over hot and cold dyes. The high fixation, color consistency and excellent wet fastness attributes have made it more popular, available in the broad color options at the best rates.

‘ME’Series Dyes / Bi – functional Dyes

The offered bi functional dye is latest series that is renowned for the less energy consumption, is a combination of two reactive group vinyl sulphone Dye and a monochlorotriazine. The proposed dye demands 60 °C temperature for the fixation and praised in the market for high fixation, exhaustion, alkali stability as well as excellent fastness property to light, wash, chlorine peroxide bleach and perspiration.

Vinyl Sulphone Dyes – Dianisidine

The offered vinyl sulphone dyes are suitable for the dyeing and printing of cellulose material. The good solubility of these dyes has made it widely accepted for the exhaust printing as well as padding printing in the textile industries, at the ideal temperature of 60 °C to 65 °C. The high quality of the dye ensures excellent fastness to light, wash as well as perspiration.

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