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We offer solutions for wet processing of textiles to improve their performance and final product aesthetic effects using our industry-leading technologies and high-performance ingredients supported by our industrial application expertise further ensure safety and quality in everything we do. We have complete solutions for improving productivity, consistency and aesthetics in textile auxiliaries of various substrates and as per application machinery. Each application range consists of a variety of products as per their functions and features.

Sr. No Product Application
1. SANTOTEX NP Enzyme for Desizing of Fabric
2. SANTOTEX SWA Scouring cum Wetting Agent
3. SANTOTEX BPL Designed for Bio-Polishing agent for cotton and other cellulose
4. SANTOTEX LS-LIQUID Substitute of Soda Ash
5. SANTOTEX SOP Soaping and Dispersing Agent
6. SANTOTEX SULFIX Substitute of Dicromat
7. SANTOTEX DFT Leveling Agent and dispersing agent to get maximum yield for polyester dyeing.
8. SANTOTEX DEFORMER Extremely powerful and stable deforming agent for jet dyeing and all other process.
Sr. No Product Application
1. SANTOTEX KBI Anionic Anti migrating and air gap remover for reactive and disperse printing.
2. SANTOTEX BUFF For Loop Accelator
4. SANTOTEX CRB INK Carbonized Khadi
5. SANTOTEX COT INK Cotton Khadi
7. SANTOTEX POS INK Polyester Khadi
8. SANTOTEX STR INK Stretchable Khadi
9. SANTOTEX SRL Thickener for Porcien Printing
8. SANTOTEX DFA Di-fixing Agent for Direct and Reactive dyeing on Cotton Fabrics.
Sr. No Product Application
1. SANTOTEX P Cationic Softner for All Type of the Fibres
2. SANTOTEX SIO Micro amino silicon emulsion for permanent finish effects on all types of the Fibres
3. SANTOTEX NI Non-ionic Emulsion for All Types of Fibres
4. SANTOTEX PE Wax Emulsion in Milky Form
5. SANTOTEX TEX PEACH Execllent Peach Finish
6. SANTOTEX MBX Body Filler and Stiffener
7. SANTOTEX PVA Body Filler and Stiffener
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