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Being one of the trusted organizations in the market, we are indulged in providing a wide range of Fluorescent Paste. They are used for brilliant eye-catching shades. Fluorescent Pigment is a fine powder with a Lycopodium base. We fluoresce differently on the substrate, and some report that they seem to be best for wooden surfaces, such as stocks and wood panelling. Whenever liquid dye staining might damage the object being examined or in a fieldwork situation where liquid dye staining is a problem, any of these powders can be used instead. Chemically these are solid solutions of one or more dyes in a transparent high-molecular-weight synthetic resin and are offered as very brightly coloured free-flowing powders.

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Bright Blue Fluorescent Pigment

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Floro Yellow Fluorescent Pigment

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Fluorescent Bright Orange Pigments

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Highlighted Pink Fluorescent pigments

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Fluorescent Radiant Orange

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Parrot Green Fluorescent Pigment

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Vibrant Blue Fluorescent Pigment

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Knockout Pink Fluorescent

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Neon Violet Fluorescent