The offered bi functional reactive dye is latest series that is renowned for the less energy consumption, is a combination of two reactive group vinyl sulphone Dyes and a monochlorotriazine. The proposed dye demands 60 °C temperature for the fixation and praised in the market for high fixation, exhaustion, alkali stability as well as excellent fastness property to light, wash, chlorine peroxide bleach and perspiration.

01 Yellow 3RF 150% Reactive Yellow 145
02 Brill.Yellow 4GF 150% Reactive Yellow 160
03 Orange 2RF 150% Reactive Orange 122
04 Red F4BL 150% Reactive Red 195
05 Red 2GF Reactive Red 222
06 Red GF Reactive Red 223
07 Red F6BL 150% Reactive Red 250
08 Navy BlueF2GL Reactive Blue 194
09 Blue BRF Reactive Blue 221
10 Navy Blue BF Reactive Blue 222
11 Black HFGR ——————
12 Blue WNN Reactive Black (Mix)
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