The offered Sun Active Reactive Dyes are one of the best series ideal for the dyeing cellulosic material, which is also being widely used to achieve the mixed brighter color shade combinations over hot and cold dyes. The high fixation, color consistency and excellent wet fastness attributes have made it more popular, available in the broad color options at the best rates.

01 Yellow MH4-G Reactive Yellow 22
02 Yellow M8G Reactive Yellow 86
03 Yellow M4R Reactive Orange 14
04 Orange M2R Reactive Orange 4
05 Red M5-B Reactive Red 2
06 Red M8B Reactive Red 11
07 Magenta MB Reactive Violet 13
08 Violet C4R Reactive Violet 14
09 Blue MR Reactive Blue 4
10 Blue M2R Reactive Blue 81
11 Turq Blue MGN Reactive Blue 140
12 Blue M4GD Reactive Blue 168
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